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dip-dyed wall hangings for ella moss

June 17, 2014





embracing the 1970s vibe!



i recently completed 10 wall hangings made from cotton crochet thread for the ella moss windows in newport beach and san francisco. the longest wall hangings were 8 feet and we ended up using 12 miles of thread total! to create the “dip-dyed” effect, i lay them down on sheets of plastic and dabbed fabric dye onto the string, adding water to dilute it as i moved towards the top of the hanging. the yellow dye was mixed to match the color of daisy centers because daisies will be another element in the window.

i’ll post photos of the final installation soon!

triangular mobiles

May 19, 2014





i’ve been having fun looking back through all of my old proposals and posting some of them here. i thought it might be interesting for people to see my creative process… from inspiration images to sketch to final product.

these mobiles were made for bash, please for the cream event in LA a couple of years ago. they were made from cardboard and neon painters tape- simple and inexpensive, but still impactful.

(inspiration images sources here)

hermès artemis windows : final photos

May 12, 2014







i just received the final photos of the artemis windows that i designed for the hermès madison avenue store this past fall. what a difference it makes to have window displays professionally photographed! these are perfectly clear with no glare or reflections. beautifully photographed by skot yobauje.

feature on emmadime

May 5, 2014





on a rainy afternoon julia stotz and i scrambled around fern dell in griffith park (a magical place!) to take these photos for the lovely lady feature on emmadime. i wouldn’t say that i’m a “fashionable” person, but i think my style reflects my artistic vision and it was fun to write about it. plus, i LOVE both emma’s blog and julia’s photography, so it was a delight and honor to work with them!

also, how cute are hazel and basho? and now that we live in portland, this is pretty much their everyday look!

read the post here!

flower window inspiration board

April 28, 2014


some of my ideas never make it past the proposal stage. sometimes it makes me sad because i get attached to the concept and really want to make it come to life.

these images were part of a proposal for an hermès spring window. the idea was for the flowers to be almost suffocating in their abundance. i imagined one of the mannequins being completely consumed with flowers and foliage.

(image sources here)


drawing by alan disparte

interview on daily candy

April 23, 2014

i was so thrilled to be interviewed for daily candy, though a little overwhelmed when it was actually published! still can’t quite believe it. :) read the q&a here and find out what my dream collaboration is!




DIY round up

April 21, 2014


i’m a lifelong crafter. creating DIYs comes naturally for me and i really love doing them (except writing the instructions!). i just counted how many i’ve created so far… twelve! and believe it or not i still have ideas for new ones!

most of them have been for design love fest- i love working with bri and brittany wood (the photographer who took all of the above photos) so much!

my personal favorites? the amethyst crystal mirror and sun prints.

ombre wooden vases for dlf
amethyst crystal mirror for dlf
copper and yarn wall hangings for dlf
dip dye placemats for dlf
heart pillows for dlf
coffee cup holder for dlf
sun print art for dlf
napping tent for dlf
paper crystal installation for the chalkboard mag
translucent paper wreath for 100 layer cake
gold sequin heart for 100 layer cake

and my very first DIY, for green wedding shoes…
waxed paper dot garlands


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