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new risers for urban palate

February 24, 2014

we recently created new risers for urban palate and i’m obsessed with how beautiful the wood grain is! they’re made from pine 4x4s and are designed to be modular, so that they can be arranged differently for each event.





photo by urban palate

interview on the chalkboard mag

February 16, 2014







the chalkboard mag came to bramble workshop studio to take some photos while we were just finishing up the 546 paper flowers we created for the ella moss windows! plus, there’s a little interview with me about bramble workshop and my work day.

check it out here!

window display proposal inspired by the sea

February 11, 2014

yesterday i collected inspiration images for a new window display proposal… i always love this part of my job; gathering images and thinking about how i can use certain aspects (formal and conceptual) to create something new… plus, i got to do a little research about seahorses in mythology!


arthur dove, sunrise III, 1936

January 27, 2014

my favorite painting right now…


beginning a new installation…

January 22, 2014

inspiration images and a sketch for a new installation… inspired by mandalas and the phases of the moon


drawing inspiration from nature

January 20, 2014

like many artists, i draw much of my inspiration from the colors, forms, and textures found in the natural world… i recently spent hours in the gem and mineral hall at the natural history museum and left feeling so in awe of the the beauty and variety found in the natural world.

here’re a few images from my pinterest board that have been inspiring me lately.









case study: flock studios installation

January 13, 2014

I really enjoyed putting together the case study for the Oh Joy! installation and thought i would do another one! It’s so fun seeing the sketches next to the finished piece! Flock Studios is a wedding collective with two of my favorite clients: La Boheme and Prim and Pixie. They had just opened a new studio space (full studio tour coming soon!) and wanted Bramble Workshop to create a site specific installation. We drew our inspiration from their beautiful logo because we loved the combination of an angular design and a washy, atmospheric painting.


inspiration images and the flock studios logo


after visiting the space, I drew two sketches… sketch #1


sketch #2: i ended up picking this one because i felt that it had more energy to it


mural in progress: fortunately we managed to paint it without making too much of a mess in their beautiful studio!

to paint the mural we first marked the design off with painters tape and paper.  then, we applied washes of diluted latex and acrylic paint dripped from above…  i had experimented with the technique on my studio wall so i knew that it would work.  also, i’m lucky enough to have an intern- kamryn stimpson- who is an expert water colorist!


two detail shots showing the layers of drips and washes of paint blending together…  peeling off the blue tape to reveal the clean white lines was the best part!


the finished mural!


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