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cut paper installations

January 29, 2015

cut paper installation

cut paper installation

cut paper installation

cut paper installation

cut paper installation

image sources: red valentino, chris natrop, analu prestes, mia pearlman, unknown

beautiful murals

January 19, 2015






i love the way that large scale murals and wallpaper completely transform a space, while still being integrated into it. we’ve created murals (for yeah! rentals and flock studios) and would love to design more this year. please get in touch if you’re interested in custom wall art for your home or workspace.

image sources: unknown, stella maria baer, decor8, jonas carlberg, la petite florilege

inspiration for chandelier

January 12, 2015


an inspiration board for a chandelier that never happened. :) i love using this blog as a place to share these collections of images. a lot of work goes into proposals and it’s nice to give them a home… and possibly inspire someone else!

bramble workshop in portland

January 6, 2015

i’m putting together a post of my favorite projects of 2014 and started thinking about how moving from los angeles to portland in april has changed bramble workshop. i was only in LA for a few years, but that’s where i started bramble workshop. it’s amazing that in 2.5 years my business was established enough that i could relocate and continue working nationally. there are some new challenges, but in all the lifestyle change has absolutely been worth it.


• i’ve basically been “commuting” to LA for projects when i need to handle the installation. it’s been easier than i anticipated (it’s a really short flight) and has allowed me to stay connected to my friends and colleagues there. plus, it’s nice to get some sunshine!

• for other projects i can ship my work from portland with instructions for the install, or hire someone in that city to do it. sometimes i design the installation and a fabricator in that city makes it under my supervision.  there are a lot of different options for working with bramble workshop!

• marketing has become more important to my business and i have been working on ways to keep in touch with my past clients and get new ones. a lot of my work is through referrals, so that’s made things easier. this year i sent out a holiday gift to clients, started a biannual newsletter (coming soon!), continued posting to instagram regularly, and have been pitching ideas for features to various publications. also, instagram and blogs have become invaluable as a way for me to keep up to date on my colleague’s projects.

• although i still miss my chinatown art studio in LA, my current studio is in the ford building, an amazing old building that was originally used to assemble model-t fords.

• jennifer hardwick (of earl grey blog and the blog market) became my intern! we’ve had so much fun working together and her help is invaluable. thanks, jenn!

• i led a workshop (making paper branches) at the portland west elm, something i’ve been dreaming of doing forever! it went really well and they want me to do another one in the spring.

• one of my main reasons for moving to portland was to spend more time in nature and i definitely have. this is the main source of inspiration for my work and the landscape of the pacific northwest has fed my creativity. i got to do some camping in the summer and i’ve gone on many amazing hikes in the gorge and along the coast. there’s a lot to do in the winter too- my favorite recent trip was to breitenbush hot springs with a bunch of friends.

• i’ve gotten to have coffee with many of the portland creatives whose work i admire: ashley goldbergcasey keasler, celeste nocheemily katz, jill mason from starflower, joni whitworth of mint and mirthjulie pointer, kari merkle of merkled studio, lia griffith, lisa jones of pigeon toe ceramics,  mallory leasure,  rachel smith from the crafted life, and yvonne emerson of the study. so nice to meet all of you and thank you for being so welcoming!

• one of my goals for 2015 is to collaborate on a project in portland! there are already a few projects in the works that i’m really excited about. i love working with other artists and designers- as always, send me an email if you would like to meet up or work together:

inspiration for fiber art installation

December 17, 2014


rounding up inspiration images for my next project… i love working with textiles so much!
(image sources here)

paper sculptures for hermès window display

December 10, 2014





we made these beautiful “sea foam” forms from rice paper and wire for the hermès holiday windows. i created this installation in the studio before shipping them to LA. they’re just one component of the windows (i’ll post photos of the completed windows soon) and i love their simplicity and elemental quality.

the process of making them took a lot of experimentation. we made the armature from steel wire and then traced around it on the rice paper. the cut-out rice paper shapes were then soaked in diluted white glue and draped over the forms. the paper dried taut around the wire armature, stiff but still semi-transparent.

watercolor table linens

December 4, 2014

photo by katie kett photography

i had to share this beautiful photo from a styled shoot by la belle fleur events. the shoot was inspired by monet’s water lilies, and bramble workshop created hand-dyed table linens to match the palette and mood. more photos can be seen here and on style me pretty. the gorgeous hanging floral arrangement is by life in bloom.


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